Always on time

TVV Marine Lighting™ team is proud of the fast and reliable project realisations. Sometimes dry docking times are very short and casuals extremely tight. Our professional team is ready to serve a customer 24/7 to finish project in time. Our staff and contractors are always ready to find solutions and alternatives to full fill customers needs for lighting and fully accomplish the project in time.


TVV Marine Lighting™ products are always manufactured by using highest possible quality and the best available technology and materials. All the metal-coatings, lampshade materials, cables isolator, transformers etc. used on TVV Marine Lighting™ products are all manufactured in EU. Our production pays high attention on protecting environment upon production process from the designing of the product until the delivery of the ready item.


Quality is the keyword for the TVV Marine Lighting™ products and services. In all the areas from the beginning of the project to the last detail of finishing the project, TVV Marine Lighting™ provides highest quality of results on all kind of lighting solutions. High quality in all components ensures long life and easy maintenance for the all of our products. All TVV Marine Lighting™ products are hand-made and very high quality lighting solutions.